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How Taylor Gang Clothing Took Over The World

July 15, 2011

The success of Taylor Gang Clothing wasn’t a fluke. It took hard work and dedication to lift Taylor Gang Clothes like shirts and hoodie off of the ground.

Taylor Gang Clothing In a Nutshell

Have you ever walked down the street and see a Taylor Gang Clothing logo and wonder where it came from? Did the movement just started out of thin air or is there a genius behind the scheme? The genius behind the scheme is Wiz Khalifa. The young rapper created a catchy slogan “Taylor Gang or Die” which spawned into thousands of remixes for the same phrase. Some popular phrases are “Taylor Gang or Drive and Drive, Taylor Gang or Play in Traffic, or Taylor Gang or Lungs Cancer.” Fans came up with their own Taylor Gang Phrases and posted them all over Youtube. Wiz Khalifa should become a marketing expert instead of a rapper and he would of succeed. Taylor Gang Clothing are worn by fans that want to support Wiz Khalifa’s music. I have several Taylor Gang Hoodies in my closet and a couple of Taylor Gang Shirts that I wore everyday.

taylor gang shirts

taylor gang shirts

People tend to hate on what they couldn’t become apart of so they favor other rappers beside Wiz Khalifa. In order to be part of the Taylor Gang movement one must be pure and free from hatred. Simple wearing Taylor Gang Clothes won’t make you a member. One must overcome the darkness surrounding them and see the light at the end of the blunt.

Are Taylor Gang Shirts Exclusives?

One can buy Taylor Gang Shirts anywhere online as they see fit. As far as the correct sizes and quality, try to find the website with the best reputation to purchase your Taylor Gang Apparel. Don’t get easily tricked and rip off because the process isn’t fun at all. I recommend you to check out Taylor Gang Clothes website to look at the merchandise before buying. Some people made bad purchased in the past before but now that they know the true Taylor Gang logo, they are less likely to make the same mistake. On a Tuesday night you can catch me jogging the block wearing my Taylor Gang T Shirt while listening to Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers. I have an assortment of Taylor Gang Shirts in case one of mine get dirty or smelly from working out.

Does Taylor Gang Hoodie Keep You Warn

A lot of people question the quality of Taylor Gang Hoodie because they’re being sold online but let me tell you. Taylor Gang Hoodie are some of the warmest hoodie you can find on the market. I’ve own several myself and I give them away every year to a less fortunate child. I remember the kid face lighting up as I gave him his first Taylor Gang Hoodie. Who knew Wiz Khalifa have so many fans in middle school and even in elementary. I don’t condone kids under 13 listening to Wiz Khalifa but it happens. The best way for kids not to get influence by the negative aspect of hip hop music is to explain to them that it’s just entertainment. Rappers don’t really sell drugs or shoot guns as part of their daily routine. They have a job like everybody else except their job is to entertain.

taylor gang hoodie

taylor gang hoodie

I hope you learn a lot about Taylor Gang Clothing so don’t hesitate to buy your friends a new Taylor Gang Shirtsor Taylor Gang Hoodie for Chirstmas.


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